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Butterfly Valve

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‘Example of Industrial Design’ project’

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Are all your engineers using the right tools for 3D?

By using Discovery SpaceClaim’s 3D Direct Modelling, our customers are able to:

Discovery SpaceClaim empowers engineers and industrial designers to be more creative and deliver products to market faster. Throughout the lean product development cycle, Discovery SpaceClaim makes it possible for engineers to easily explore their ideas and solve problems in 3D, reuse and quickly edit concept models from any CAD system, and simplify models for analysis in a fraction of the time it used to take with traditional CAD. Customers are also using Discovery SpaceClaim to bid on new projects to improve their win rates by communicating with prospects and customers in 3D

Concept Modelling

Discovery SpaceClaim enables engineers to easily visualize, communicate, and evaluate designs in 3D in order to achieve new levels of product innovation. The Discovery SpaceClaim user interface allows both non-CAD experts and seasoned CAD professionals to refine and optimize concepts before locking down the design in a traditional CAD package. Traditional CAD is ideal for your existing core CAD design work and documentation, while using SpaceClaim to produce models quickly and easily, on the fly and in a fraction of the time.

Modelling for CAE

Discovery SpaceClaim provides CAE analysts the easiest and fastest tools possible to get geometry ready for simulation. Whether de-featuring CAD geometry, creating new concepts from scratch, or optimizing existing models, Discovery SpaceClaim removes the geometry bottleneck, thus freeing engineers to focus on the physics. By putting simulation users in control of geometry, CAE can drive product development by optimizing models before CAD and validating results post-CAD.

Bid Modelling

Discovery SpaceClaim enables customer-facing engineers to rapidly create and modify 3D models to produce better responses to RFP’s and achieve higher win rates. The Discovery SpaceClaim user interface allows both non-CAD experts and seasoned CAD professionals to add customer value by working with customers in 3D during the concept iteration and proposal phase of new business development.

Customer View Modelling (IP Protection)

Discovery SpaceClaim makes it easy for engineers to create lightweight models for customer and supplier interaction. Its tools enable engineers to remove the internals of a part or an assembly and preserve only the outer surfaces. This is a critical step because it protects companies’ intellectual property while sharing designs for form and fit.

Industrial Design

3D Direct Modelling with solids enables breakthrough productivity in industrial design.

When industrial designers conceive new ideas, new forms, and new innovation, they contextualize them in the physical world. They need to make their designs tangible, understanding their weight, heft, and substance. They must communicate the intent of their use before the designs will ever be touched or used. Product designs create an indelible connection between the designers and the customers they serve.

Why Discovery SpaceClaim?

Top Ten Reasons to use Discovery SpaceClaim video: SpaceClaim-Top10-Final.mp4

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‘Removing rounds, small or irrelevant features and merging faces to simplify meshing’

‘Extract mid-surfaces /extrusions to create shell/beam elements or isolate relevant sections of large models assemblies’

‘Bid Modelling illustration, rapid modification of existing platform’

‘Rendered Concept model of mobile Satellite Navigation’